Load Balance SharePoint 2010 Farm with Kemp

In this overview I will give the general guidance to load balance your existing 3 or 4 tier SharePoint 2010 Farm with 2 KEMP LoadMasters. This configuration starts after you have setup the farm and the LoadMasters as a HA pair.

1. Create your new VIP with the internal IP address you intend to use with your SharePoint site.

12. Make sure to Force Layer 7 and remove the Transparency or it will fail to allow user authentication.

23.  Persistence option is best set to active cookie and increase time-out to 1 hour. I use the scheduling method of round robin with the most success.

2a4. Under real servers check use HTTP/1.1 and add the host header that would be the URL of your site. This should match the AAM and IIS bindings.

45. Add you reel servers

56. Sit back and relax as you have now your farm balanced!